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    Scildesk Training is a member of TM Networks group of businesses. After over six years of professional experience in technology and marketing, TM Networks has expanded its services through scildesk training to impart skills in varies fields and levels

    By working closely and in partnership with experts in various fields scildesk training has the unique ability to become a game changer in many organizations. With key focus in improving the capability of skilled workforce by offering short skill based training to employees. We believe a great company is determined by how ready the workforce is in embracing the mission and the vision that the company has.

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  • You can realx and allow us to improve the performance of your team. We garantee the best at your comfort zone

  • We set you up for success. The best way to improve and grow in your career is to continue advancing and diversifying your skills. At scildesk that is our mission for you or your workforce.

  • We push your mind to think outside the box and also to think where there is no box at all. With our leardeship, critical thinking and design thinking training, success is inevitable.

  • Motivation to do what you love and to do it well maybe just what you need. You can either do what you love or love what you do.

  • How high you can go is determined by how prepared you are for the jump. If you need your business to succeed you have to fully prepare your workforce.

  • Every person in a team has to have good customer care skills. Every person in the management position has to have great communication skills. This is how to keep customers happy. Happy and well-mannered employees equals happy employees

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