Becoming great and shining like a star.

Becoming Great

It is not enough to believe you are supposed to be great. You have to know there are so many who have lived life thinking they are special without ever living up to such standards. To think you have been born for a great future and to work towards a great future are two different things. To believe is a good thing as it is the first step to achieving your goals but the action is still the most important step. We do not have enough time to imagine in one lifetime and implement in another lifetime. We have to imagine and dream now and make dreams happen within the same lifetime. It is much better to live a life with purpose, people do not have to know you or remember what you have done but when your time comes it will be much more fulfilling to say you did your best with the chance that you were given. One day things will be different for someone just because you were here.

Shining Like a Star

The darker the night, the brighter the stars. Sometimes to be a star in your own life you have to learn to shine even in your darkest moments. Problems should be used to strengthen your best qualities and show the best in you. You can also be a star in someone’s life when they are facing some difficulties. This does not mean you do not have problems. every star is surrounded by its own darkness but they still work together to make the darkness look beautiful.The darkness just reminds us of the values we hold close to our hearts and remind us that even in the face of greatest challenges our value does not reduce. You never really know how bright you can shine until you are pushed to the darkest corner and you never know how strong you can be until being strong is your only option.

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