Being Yourself

Be Yourself

Did you know that genuine smiles last longer than the fake smiles? Genuine smiles carry some feelings with them that take some time to fade. fake smile end as soon as the need to put up the show ends and they end in a fake look. I bet you have had real smiles before, like when you smile long after anyone can see the smile and I bet it is a great feeling. Be yourself

If you cant be yourself you are nobody

Did you also know there are people who live fake lives? There are those who try to be others until they lose themselves in the process. There is nothing as interesting as being you. If you always think you need to be someone else you will never get to a level of knowing yourself and discovering your potential.

Courage: is being yourself every day in a world that tells you to be someone else.

Remember good things come from within, the seed germinates from within. For growth to e realized, it has to be from within you. If you are looking for greatness outside there then you are looking the wrong direction. When you discover the greatness of it will attract the greatness outside. You will always find someone better than you at something but you will never find anyone better than you at being you.

You were born original, what business do you have trying to be a copy?

If we are all born with greatness how come most of us never discover our own greatness? It is because sometimes we think we are not good enough and suppress the growth of our greatness with doubts. Sometimes we focus so much on what is wrong with us that we forget what is right. If you focus so much on who you are not you lose focus on who you are. Be yourself on your two feet. When it comes to being you, you must take the risk and put both feet forward.


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