WordPress Webdesign Course

Why Learn WordPress?

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world with over 70 million websites created using WordPress. Many people make money building websites for clients using WordPress.

WordPress has opened up the digital world to information sharing and blogging. The demand for websites in this age is huge and there are not enough experts to provide for the high demand. There is need to train website developers and managers to be able to cope with the increasing demand.

WordPress does not need HTML or any other programming language background to begin. These skills may be important later to increase skills but not important in the initial learning skills. One can develop a perfect website without knowing a single line of code. Enroll and learn more


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Mafreelancer Digital Mafreelancer Digital Author

Mafreelancer Digital Limited is a power-house in skills development, web-design and digital marketing. We are passionate about creating a more employable and skilled youth as well as to ensure technology is used in all the right places to make a difference.


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