Inspiring your dreams to action.

There are times in your life when you will have to be your own cheerleader. Not everyone will always believe in you or your dreams. There are days when everyone will say you can’t do it until you start to believe them. It is not an easy thing to be the only one who sees possibilities in your dreams but that is exactly how you know you have a great vision. That is the exact characteristic of a great vision. Great vision is seen by great people.

Great people who believe what others view as impossible. Ford dreamt of building a car when people had not imagined it. They were still accustomed to horses and carts. When people started getting accustomed to cars the wright brother gave them a flight of bombshell and made them a plane. Who would have believed these crazy guys? Great people have made the world a global village by turning every impossible thing they could to a working possibility.

No dream is too big for if you have been given a big dream that is your role to play in the world. So many dreams die because of the doubt in our minds. There comes a time when the only way to know the power of your dreams is to get into action. There comes a time when every generation is called upon to execute the dreams of that generation. Everyone has a dream some may call them fantasies and wishful thinking but a dream is given to each and every mind that can comprehend and imagine. The desire to make an improvement in our surrounding can only be quenched when we seize to exist. As long as you have life dream, dream big and execute.

There are days when you will feel like giving up but it is through defeating such thoughts that you become stronger, wiser and more resilient Change your strategy if you must, make your mistakes and learn from them. What does not kill you can only make you stronger. One life that you were given is so priceless that it deserves to make a priceless impact. Something must be different because you were born. Centuries will come and go but the world will never have the gift of you being here again.

If there is a dream worth fighting for then go for it even if it means going to war with your desires. When you say enough is enough even your comfort zone will let you go, it will no longer be comfortable. It is never too late to dream another dream and it is never too early to start dreaming just dream wide awake and execute. The medicine to fulfilling dreams is taking action. Living for something will always be better than just living.

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