Since dream hunters have learned to shoot our dreams without missing, we must learn to work on our dreams without seizing.

Chinua Achebe prominent African novelists once wrote since hunters have learned to shoot without missing their mark, birds must learn to fly without perching. This is the current situation we are in now but we are not the hunters we are the birds. Hunters are the dream killers. Those who tell us we can’t while deep down in our hearts we know we can.

The hunters are those who work day and night to shoot down our dreams. Now, this is what we have to do, we have to work on our dreams without tiring. we ought not to stop dreaming. We have to learn how to drive our dreams without having to throw stones at every dog that barks. Do not slow down to a hunter who only wants to shoot your dreams.

You dream has wings and as long as you do not stop you will safely reach your destination. Dream hunters have learned how to shoot dream without missing. They find you at your lowest point and convince you to give up. They have learned to come to you when you are weak and feel broken. When you can’t pay your rent and when you can’t comfortably take care of your family. Hunters have come to hunt down your dreams and the real question will you perch and let them shoot? Martin Luther King Jnr, that man did not just have a dream, a dream had him.

He invested in his dream so much until if you wanted to shoot his dream you had to shoot him first. Dream so big until you make dream hunters scared. So many dream hunters tried to shoot down the dream of Nelson Mandela. For 27 years in prisons, they tried to kill his dream but never succeeded. That man did not just have a dream, the dream had him. Today do you have a dream or does a dream have you. If your dream has you hunters must shoot you to shoot down your dreams.

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