Sunday Motivation

Show me someone who has not faced rejection upon rejection and I will show you someone who has not been made ready for success. Show me, someone who has never failed, show me someone who has never felt like giving up and show me someone who has never felt the weight of the world on their shoulders and I will show you some whose dreams have not been big enough to match their potential.

It is okay if you get rejected countless times it teaches you not to rely on the wrong opportunities or the wrong people. When your time comes everything will fall in the perfect place. It is okay to feel like you want to give up. It shows your dreams are bigger than your current capacity. Grind on. When you feel like you are all you have, you are probably right because even when everyone else walks out on you, you have you. Get your own back.

When you invest time in yourself you increase your value. When God created you he did not say I give you the ability to sing, he surely did not create footballers ready to be champions but he gave them the chance to practice and become champions. You know you are a champion at something you just need to practice and get to where you were born to be. I remember the first website I built for a client. I was so proud of it, but know when I look back I can’t help but laugh at it. I was just starting. I am better now through practice. Currently, am trying to study blockchain programming I believe through practice I will become an expert.

You can always improve yourself not because of you right now is not good enough but because tomorrow may need an improved you. The chance you have today is to prepare yourself for future challenges. Now you could be single but the future you will have a family and children or grandchildren. The future you needs a leader. You must have your own back. Your parent may have your back right now but one day they will need you to have their back. You are stuck with you until your last breath so you better make the most out of it.

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