The number one rule of making great things happen.

The number one rule of making great things happen is swinging to action five seconds after making a decision to do something. This is just how the mind works. this technique is called the 5 seconds rule. It takes just five seconds to completely change your life. The distance between you and your dreams is just 5 seconds. Ever had an idea and it just starts to sound stupid after five seconds? In most cases, our brains are made in such a way that they can discourage you and the only medicine to this is action.

This is why procrastination is a dream killer.
If you can master the art of five seconds rule then you can change your life and even your work for the better. The five-second rule is normally associated with the gut. That adrenaline rush of excitement, you get when you first think of something and you are instantly convinced it will work. An example of an action you could take is writing the thought down or doing research and finding out if others have thought about it too.

In a speech delivered to Havard graduates, Mark Zuckerberg said something very interesting. He said’ Ideas do not come out fully formed” An idea will evolve and improve as you take. How will you know what works and what does not work if you do not try? When you learn what does not work you try a new strategy. I rem when I started TM Networks I just wanted to inform campus students of events and other opportunities around them. I had no idea where I would get the information I was promising but still, I went from door to door convincing people to sign up. Today information comes to us and we have everyone on board. From students to senior level career individuals.

A time comes when you try out your idea even when your mind convinces you it is stupid. Sometimes your mind may inflate the limitations just to make you give up. Have you ever had moments when you felt everyone is looking at you? laughing at you or talking about you? Has your mind ever misinformed you that people are actually taking notice of your faults until you get so shy? This is how dangerous our minds are and this is why the five-second rules are used to overpower the discouraging part of our minds.

You are not alone. By default, our minds are made to accept the status quo anyone going against odds and making a difference has already succeeded in taking control of their mind. Master the art of taking full control of your mind within five seconds of every decision making. Procrastination will only see your back

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