What exactly are you afraid of?

The one thing most people dread is losing a job or not finding one in the first place. This a fear that sometimes stops people from taking chances on their dreams and puts them in a path of doing jobs they do not like or working in companies they do not desire to work in. People are slaves to things they do not like just because they think they can’t make it without some things.

A serious gambler believes the only way to make it in life is through gambling, a thief thinks that the only way to survive is to steal. Can we ever get to a point where the things we think we can’t do without are actually the things we believe we do not necessarily need? You see, if a bird stands on a breaking branch it does not fear because it does not put its trust in the strength of the branch but the power of its wings. You can believe in your potential.

Do not believe so much in an external condition until when it is taken away from you all hope is gone. There is great potential in each and everyone regardless of the conditions or situation they are facing at the present. Have doubts about everything else but never have it on yourself. You may not be ready to handle the situation you face in life but that does not mean you can’t handle it, get yourself ready.

If you do see light at the end of the tunnel it does not mean there is no light you may have to take a turn ahead to see the light. It is about time you took the power you have to make an impact. Set yourself free from all the things you are letting hold you down. When the time comes you need to say “I had a good run.”


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