You Only Live Once, make it count


You only live once.
What comes to your mind every time you hear the phrase Y.O.L.O? Personally, the importance of life and chance comes to mind. here is some humour, the definition of  Y.O.L.O according to the urban online dictionary is An overused acronym for “You only live once.” There is an exception for those who believe in reincarnation or are cats. Well, I hear a cat has seven lives I have no idea if it is true. Sometimes we live like are actually cats with actual 7 lives.

We keep pushing our dream to later dates and end up not living the one life that we have to the fullest. Go all out, empty every potential and when it times to exit do it empty with no ideas and no dreams or die trying to. Dream it all and go for it, imagine all the ideas and shelf them for implementation one by one. If someones ask you why you are always trying new ideas and new things say Y.O.L.O. To some, this phrase is an excuse to waste away, waste time and get drunk and foolish. But this could be a time to impact the world. Living life like there is no tomorrow. Loving and being loved, caring and being cared for and building a legacy.

To become a legend does not mean to have a life of fewer challenges but it means having more challenges than everyone else and being strong enough to rise above the challenges. It is not about the money, it is about the passion, the excitement and the feeling of fulfilment. a lifetime is long enough to fulfil a purpose even if that purpose is to be fulfilled today. You only live once and today is part of it. Y.O.L.O but dream as many times as you can.

You do not have to change all the lives you were born to change all at once. Just one at a time, I believe by writing this article a life is touched. In your own special an uncomplicated way you could be a candle of hope in another person’s life. If the purpose of your life was to make someone feel special then do it gladly. If it was to touch 1 million lives then do it with great humility. Live once but make it count.

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