Your greatest year yet is finally here.

There is no better time to prove those who do not believe in you wrong than the time you realize you have another chance and using it wisely. A new year does not mean our past mistakes have no effect on our current lives but we have another chance to learn from our mistakes and make better choices.

Start by writing why you think you did not succeed last year so as to avoid the same situations this year. Last years mistakes are nothing to e ashamed of because they make us better people this year. You don’t have to have the whole year figured out, even when you can’t see the whole staircase just take the first step. actions in the right direction will make dreams become more clear.

The year is still young it the choices we make today that will determine how successful this year will become. Each person who makes it through this year will have the same chance of time. 365 days is all we all have and the first day is almost over or already over. Time will not wait until we get our dreams right. The bigger your dreams the more difficult this year is going to be. This year we could be heroes. There is nothing in the world apart from ourselves that can stop us from doing things differently. Nothing can limit the size of our dreams but our imagination.

The biggest room we will ever have is in our minds. Imagine if we could run out of space to imagine. What if all the great memories we have had could not find space in our minds? We are as powerful as our minds believe we are. If we could be strong enough after all that we have been through, then we can be strong enough to handle whatever this year has in store for us and make a reality whatever we have in store for  this year.

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